Gauge repair and recalibration

Our pressure calibration services can range from Inches of Water to 15,000 PSI. These repairs and calibrations may be accompanied by a traceable NIST Certificate.

Chemical seal mounting

Many applications call for a Diaphragm Seal to be mounted between the pressure gauge or pressure transmitter. Sometimes these include Capillary Extensions. We offer diaphragm seals for every application, in a wide variety of wetted materials – 316SS, Hastelloy, Monel. Also a wide variety of process connections – Threaded, Sanitary, Flanged. Fill fluid options include Instrument Oil, High and Low Temp Silicone and Flurolube. We also repair and recalibrate assemblies.

Custom dial work

Sometimes the ‘standard’ pressure gauge dial will not suffice. We custom make dials to read in Feet of Water, Percentage of Range, Color Arcs, Dual Scale.